Seminar Representation Theory of Groups of Lie Type
WS 2022/23

Subject: Quiver Representations and Quiver Varieties

References: We follow A. Kirillov Jr.'s book "Quiver Representations and Quiver Varieties" as a Leitfaden to the topic. For more detailed exposition of the different topics in the book more precise references are available for each talk.
Please, come by my office to discuss the content of your talk.

Schedule: Mondays 15:30-17:00 in Room (48-436) [KIS].

Programme (preliminary!)

24.10.2022 Wolfgang Bock Introduction/talk distribution
07.11.2022 Marie Roth Quivers, representations, path algebra I
14.11.2022 Annika Bartelt Quivers, representations, path algebra II
21.11.2022 Marco Albert Dynkin quivers
28.11.2022 Wolfgang Bock Representation spaces, geometry of orbits
5.12.2022 Birte Johansson Gabriel's theorem, part I
12.12.2022 Diego Antonio Robayo Bargans Gabriel's theorem, part II
09.01.2023 Johannes Schmitt Hall Algebras, I
16.01.2023 Gunter Malle Hall Algebras, II
23.01.2023 Cedric Brendel
Auslander-Reiten Theory, I
31.01.2023 Caroline Lassueur
Auslander-Reiten Theory, II
06.02.2023 Caroline Lassueur
Auslander-Reiten Theory, III

The programme and the talk titles are preliminary.


[1] I. Assem and F. Coelho Basic representation theory of algebras. [ZB-MATH]
[2] I. Assem, D. Simson and A. Skowroński Basic representation theory of algebras. [ZB-MATH]
[3] I. Assem (ed.) and S. Trepode (ed.) Homological methods, representation theory, and cluster algebras [ZB-MATH]
[4] M. Barot Representations of Quivers [Lecture Notes]
[5] H. Derksen and J. Weyman, An Introduction to Quiver Representations [UNI-BIBLIOTHEK]
[6] A. Kirillov Jr., Quiver Representations and Quiver Varieties. [UNI-BIBLIOTHEK]
[7] R. Schiffler, Quiver Representations [ZB-MATH]
[8] O. Schiffmann, Lectures on Hall Algebras [Lecture Notes]

Information for Students

Students are welcome to attend the seminar. To obtain credit points you will have to give a talk.

Please register online in the URM system.

IMPORTANT: please get in touch with me prior to the start of the semester if you want to take part to the seminar.