Seminar Representation Theory WS 2024

Topic: Brauer Graph Algebras and Brauer Trees

Schedule: Mondays 15:30-17:00 in Room (48-438) [OLAT].
Start: Monday, the 22nd of April 2024

Please, come by my office to discuss the content of your talk.

Programme (preliminary!)

22.04.2024 Caroline Lassueur Intro & topic distribution
13.05.2024 Berenike Dieterle Background material: Modules over the group algebra ([4])
13.05.2024 Tim Wingender Background material: the Green correspondence ([4])
22.05.2024 Felix Kirschke Background material: Brauer characters and decomposition matrices ([4])
22.05.2024 Andreas Leim Background material: Blocks of finite groups ([4])
27.05.2024 Martin Wagner Brauer tree algebras ([5,§5.10.1/.2/.4] and [1,§4.18])
03.06.2024 Dushan Priyasad Honnaththara Acharige Brauer trees I ([2,§3])
10.06.2024 Annika Bartelt Brauer trees II ([2,§1.3-1.6,§4.1])
17.06.204 NO SEMINAR
24.06.2024 Caroline Lassueur Brauer trees III([2,§4.2-4.3])
01.07.2024 Alexander Mathis
Brauer trees IV ([2,§4.3-4.4])
08.07.2024 NO SEMINAR
22.07.2024 Tristan Pfersdorff
Brauer trees V ([2,§5+Examples from §6])
25.07.2024 Cedric Brendel
Brauer trees and condensation methods / Brauer graph algebras: outlook [3,6]


[1] D. Benson, Representations and cohomology I [ZB-MATH]
[2] G. Hiss and K. Lux, Brauer trees of sporadic groups [ZB-MATH]
[3] S. Schroll, Brauer graph algebras. A survey on Brauer graph algebras, associated gentle algebras and their connections to cluster theory [arXiv]
[4] P. Webb, A course in finite group theory [Preprint version]
[5] A. Zimmermann, Representation theory. A homological algebra point of view. [ZB-MATH]
[6] G. Cooperman, G. Hiss, K. Lux, J. Müller The Brauer tree of the principal \(19\) -block of the sporadic simple Thompson group. [ZB-MATH]
All books are available in preview form from the OpenOLAT page of the seminar. Participants will receive the code by e-mail in the 1st week of the lecture time.

Information for Students

Students are welcome to attend the seminar. To obtain credit points you will have to give a talk.

Please register online in the URM system.

IMPORTANT: please get in touch with me prior to the start of the semester if you want to take part to the seminar.